Thursday, June 12, 2008

EEEKK!! First Blog... ;0)

Since this is my first try at the blogging thing I'm not quite sure where to with me. Using this as my personal journal, soap box, outlet to share my feelings about everything will be great! Most have a product to sell or want to direct you to a product they are trying to sell. You know, one of those to good to be true deals that are totally bogus! Make Money Here! I made $2000.00 dollars in my first 4 weeks! My personal favorite is how they want you to buy something that tells you how to make money on Ebay! Duh...Hello! The Ebay site tells you that for free!!!! This blog will have none of that. What it will be is plain straight forward chit chat about life. The good, the bad and the ugly of life that hits us all at any given moment. Most times when we are feeling good about something the bad or the ugly come along and slam us! Just like the song says..."somethings gotta go wrong, because I'm feeling way to damn good". I'm hoping there will be more good than bad and ugly to share. But, sometimes that's just not the case. I feel strongly about many things in this world and eventually I will touch on all of them as the opportunity arises. Family, fairness, abortion, lies, how women should and shouldn't dress, men, government, schools, day cares, church and kids, just to name a few. Plus sharing what's going on in my own daily life. I hope when it gets going there will be a lot of input from others on issues, problems or happy points they wish to share. Until next time...



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