Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thought of the day

Life is so very hard to figure out. Sometimes things are wonderful, other times, not so good. Why did this happen, what's going to happen? Worry and stress tend to overtake the good and special moments we are blessed with everyday. We experience so much loss in our world today. We as human beings seem to thrive on the troubles of others for the mere possibility of telling ourselves, "At least I'm not like that"! Believing in our own minds we are better on some level. Nobody is safe from the woes of this life. They only come in different forms for everyone. However, what we tend to forget is that not a one is better than the other. A struggle is a struggle irregardless of its form. Drugs, drinking, gambling, fighting, not having a job, working too much, not going to church, going to church to be showy, the loss of a loved one, be it either by death, divorce, estrangement, or even distance, even hurtful words. Hurt is hurt, be it physical, emotional, or mental. Only the person going through whatever it may be at that moment can decide how it feels and how to handle a particular struggle or hurt. But we set back and toss our two cents into the pot as to how we think they should do it. Yes, I do believe in a "right and wrong". However, I do not believe everything falls into that. What is right for me may not be what is right for another. Individuals, different, unique is the human. Is that not what we strive for most of our lives? Take the high school years for example. The expression of our inner being by the clothes, tattoo’s, piercing, hair color etc. we choose is the most important thing, right? We try to figure out who we are in comparison with others. As adults we carry on that same sense of “who I am” with the homes we live in, that cars we drive, and still the clothes we ware. Appearance is everything! I must have the best home, the best car, the best clothes or I will not be accepted by my peers! The whole concept is ludicrous! We have taken this society to what it is today. The “keep up with the Jones” mindset has put so many of us in the sink hole of debt to the point there is no escape. Why? Because of that same driving force I mentioned earlier. We must not fall into the “that bad” category. We must always be able to look down on someone as to avoid looking at our true selves. We must find someone, anyone worse than ourselves to relieve the guilt and shame we would feel being faced with our own wrongs and faults. Some will go to extremes to achieve this “better than them” feeling. My personal experience with this very thing has taught me so much. There is a person in my life who for reasons unknown, simply cannot be happy unless she can convince herself and a select few that she is not only better off than myself, but a much better person with much better children, better relationships, better life, well, you get the picture. It is really a very sad deal. She is incapable of being happy for anyone else and doesn’t have much good to say about anyone. Yes, the old two faced syndrome at work. She truly believes she is a leader to be followed and looked up to. How absurd! The words “control freak” come to mind here and I must say they fit! She knows what’s best for everyone in any given situation, so she thinks. Totally unaware of how her words and actions affect others in such a negative way they draw away for her. When faced with an adversary who takes a stand against this controlling behavior, guess what? It gets much worse. Immature rants & critical outbursts in an attempt to force me & others to feel bad for her behavior. Insane! Well, I am happy to say she has been unsuccessful. Hence, the wisdom I have learned from this whole ordeal. You will never be in the wrong when breaking away from any unhealthy relationship. Be it a husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, life long friend or even a family member. If it is unhealthy for you, find a way to get yourself out of it and never look back. Focus on the positive people in your life. The ones who truly have your best interest at heart are considerate, loving and kind to you. Not even one person should have to endure the hurtful and hateful rants of another simply to feed their enormous ego or false self worth. There are plenty of legitimate worries to keep each of us busy.
Until next time... Have a wonderful day!


Stubborn Delhite said...

totally agree with you...obstacles..are meant to make us stronger..feeling sad & depressed bout things won't make things any depends more on the way we take it...the way we take our life as it comes..happiness is something one can find in the smallest of things...but sometimes..its just way too hard to look at things in a way as simple as that :)

-Zosimee♥ said...

Hi stubborn delhite,

I do see what you's not always that simple. Sometimes we must make choices in life that are not easy but none the less must be made for the betterment of our own lives. It took me 25 years to finally follow through on that tough decision and even though it is still hurtful in a lot of ways it was the right choice for me. Thanks so much for your comment. Have a wonderful day ;0)