Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ugly Days, Ugly Ways...

The last few days have been the kind where the weather rears it's ugly head. Threatening to reek havoc across several of our good states. However, I do hear that things are running much smoother this go around for our friends in New Orleans. The early actions taken by the leaders of the state has been tremendous they say! People evacuated safely with the chance to go back to their homes within one week! Sure beats the horrific past scene when so many had to endure the horrible conditions and happenings of that stadium. I for one could not have been more shocked and appalled by the behavior of some of those we call human beings. The goings on there were down right shameful! Makes you stop and think; just what has our society become? Are we not the intelligent species? What has turned this worlds inhabitants into sadistic, hate filled, robbers, rapist and murders? Is it poverty alone (as some seem to think) or is there much more to it? I believe the latter. The lack of money does not automatically make someone a robber, rapist, murder or anything else for that matter. People are people and in my opinion one is not better than the other. The richest person in this world is not a better person than the poorest person in this world and does not deserve better treatment simply because they have money. The rich and powerful get the "perks" as it were. We will actually give things to the rich! Like free tickets to a ball game, comp their dinner, etc. Ridiculous! Imagine how many people could be fed by those free meals to the rich! I'm sorry, but doesn't that even sound ludicrous? "Free meals to the rich". My, my...... I could just go on and on about that alone but I won't get up on that soap box just yet. ;0) I guess there has always been "bad" people throughout the history of this nation/world and always will be. However, it seems to only keep growing worse and in numbers as the time passes. Moral standards are at an all time low. What happened to men and women of good character, integrity, decency, thoughtfulness and respect? When and why did they begin to decline the most? Was it the wars? Was it the government taking God out of everything? Is it simple laziness on the behalf of the "me" generations? Maybe it is all of the above and more. This age of "I want it all and I want it now". Have we simply forgotten to stop and take the time to think about those very important characteristics? Stopped passing them down to the future leaders of this world because we are in such a hurry to "move up". Those morals would make stepping all over the ones we see as "standing in our way to the top" a lot more difficult would they not? It is much easier to do the "wrong thing" if we just do not think about the damage we leave behind us. Think nothing of it and move on. Proud of ourselves for what we have achieved. How did we achieve it? Shhh... we don't talk about that. The lies we tell, the plots we scheme against each other, the fact that we "slept", paid, stole or bullied our way there. No, no, we never mention that and if faced with it what do we say? So, what! It's a "dog eat dog world"! Well, it would not have to be a "dog eat dog world" if we could only get back to practicing and living the way God intended us to live. Which would mean allowing prayer back into schools, cutting out the selfish way of thinking, not putting the most importance on how many things we can have. Yes, we all want to live a good life with a nice home, nice car etc. But we as humans can take anything to extremes, especially when we are not the least bit concerned about how we go about it. Should we not get back to the values and morals this earth was built on? Maybe there would be less of the behaviors shown that day (and every day), no more teachers and other trusted "adults" molesting our children, no killing, raping, robbing and less of everything we must fear now days if we only could. To all of you out there who are making the effort to live with grace, integrity and respect for others....I thank you!
Have a wonderful day.... ;0)

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