Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change can be good!

Change is good! Try it... ;0)
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Change, change,! I have been experiencing a lot of change lately and I must say it has all been for the better! I certainly hope that Mr Obama's promises will be kept and this nation is on it's way to being the best it can be. Our fate is now in his hands....

Those stuck in the rut of demanding everything stay the same can feel pretty shook up. Not to mention the numbing affect from the total loss of control! Funny how those who cannot control their own lives always try to control someone eles's with threats, demeaning remarks and lies in an attempt to put some form of value on their own meaningless, unhappy existence. However, without the target in their sites, they will soon be forced to turn their ammo on each other and themselves. Never giving up the same tactics of trying to lure the target back into firing range. What a feeling of relief and power they have if they are successful but by the same token what rage and a disgusting sense of failure they must feel when they are not. Change can be good... try it.

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